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Copyright 2007, Hans van Breukelen
This website was made as a lasting memory of the Soesterberg Airbase and as a meeting
place for people that have a warm heart for the Royal Netherlands Air Force in general
and for the Soesterberg Airbase in particular

I cordially invite you to use the guestbook for your reactions and/or to place an appeal
You can also use the guestbook to look for (former) colleagues or to organise a reunion

                           I whish you much pleasure on your visit to my site

Soesterberg Airbase 1910 - 2009
Soesterberg Airbase from 1910 - 2009
The photographs and information come from my own collection, from the collection of Oscar Mulder (photo's of the 32TFS) and from the collection of Bert van Soeren (historical photographs), from a selection put at my disposal by Soesterberg Airbase (recent photo's) and from the book" Geheim landschap, 200 jaar militairen op de Heuvelrug" ( "Secret landscape, 200 years of military presence in the Heuvelrug.
Besides that I have used the CD-ROM History 32nd Squadron, 'The Queen's Own' for much information and many 'photo's
Also, from the "Documentatiecentrum van het Militaire Luchtvaart Museum" (Military Aviation Museum's documentary centre) on "Kamp Zeist, I received information for my website.
Mr. S.P.Cruys of Soesterberg Airbase and Mr. H.Rademaker Of the Information Staff
Of Gilze Rijen airbase are especially thanked for their help and assistance.

I have gone to work as careful as I could in the gathering of information. If you come across inaccurate or wrong information on this site, please inform me of this via e-mail. Where possible, I have requested permission to use materials for this site. If it is your opinion that I have infringed on copyrights, then I ask you to inform me of this by e-mail.

This site will not ever be ready. I keep finding new information or get it sent to me by visitors to my site. The information you will find under "HISTORY", I have mostly compiled out of material from the Documentary Centre of the Military Aviation Museum in Zeist. I still have much material that has to be sorted out and, at more or less regular intervals, I round out this section. The list of commanders is complete, unless a new one is appointed between now and 2009. The photo's of 1910 - 2008 will be further added to and will provide an overview of the buildings on the airbase. This will be especially interesting for those who were ever stationed on the base. A page about 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron should of course not be lacking and will also be added to by new material.
On the page with "LINKS" you will information about other interesting websites.